Access Your Show Tickets with Ease Inside Our NEW 3e Encore App

Enjoy keeping your tickets all in one place with our new digital wallet app. Say goodbye to misplaced or damaged paper tickets when you sign up for the 3e Encore App where you can keep all your show passes in one convenient and accessible place.

Discover the ease of managing, sending or transferring your tickets at any time. Enjoy quick and easy entry to your show using your phone. No more traveling to pick up tickets - have them right in your back pocket for all your favorite shows!

Download the app today inside your Google Play Store App or Apple App Store.

Enjoy a "How To Download" video on YouTube.


3e Encore Digital Tickets Frequently Asked Questions

What are digital tickets?

Digital tickets are electronic tickets or e-tickets accessed directly from your smartphone or electronic device for admission into an event or show.

What are the benefits of digital tickets?

Quick and easy entry to your show using your mobile phone or smart device. 

Improved security and reduced fraud. 

Instant access to all your tickets through the 3e Encore App.

The ability to manage, send or transfer your tickets at any time. 

Reduced risk of lost or forgotten tickets.

An effortless way to go green by printing less paper. 

Do I have to download an app?

Yes, you will need to download the 3e Encore App to access your tickets digitally. The app is only compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. It is not compatible with Windows smartphones. If you have purchased digital tickets and do not have a way to access them, please contact Guest Services at (605) 367-6000. 

I’ve already purchased tickets for the season, can I transfer them to the 3e Encore App?

Yes. To transfer your tickets to the 3e Encore App, please call Guest Services at (605) 367-6000 and they can assist you.