The Premiere Playhouse

The Premiere Playhouse is a professionally staffed, community-based non-profit theatre organization in residence at the Orpheum Theater Center of downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With more than twenty years of history as an organization, their ultimate objective is to provide an inclusive and accessible theatre experience to all members of Sioux Falls' diverse and talented community.

In 2024, The Premiere Playhouse finds its success through an active working board full of leaders in their respective fields and an inspired staff made up of young and accomplished professionals of various backgrounds. 

Throughout the year, The Premiere Playhouse produces a five-production mainstage season full of commercial titles and annual traditions as well as multiple education-based productions for a wide range of ages and abilities. Their productions and expanded programming help the community thrive by nurturing the artist in anyone and inspiring the arts in everyone, both on and off stage.